Usage of "tclgeo" script, to print Ego vehicle velocity with every frame of IPGMovie


I am using a small “tclgeo” script, which prints the “velocity” of the vehicle on the center of the screen. I am able to see the velocity getting printed, only in the “DEFAULT” placement of “Camera”. If I change the placement of Camera to “Sitting In The Vehicle (A)”, I do not see this velocity.

Could you please guide me, to see the velocity getting printed, in all the “Camera” modes?

Thanks and Regards,


you can follow the example ConsumersEnergyOverlay.tclgeo (C:\IPG\carmaker\win64-11.1\Movie\3D\Utilities) which is recalled from the test run ElectricalDriveRecharge( C:\IPG\carmaker\win64 11.1\Data\TestRun\Examples\Powertrain\ElectricAndHybrids).

I changed the camera and is it is still showing on the movie screen. Can you have a look at that example and compare to your script?


Hello Roberto,

Thank you for your response. I referred to your script and I could get the distance printed in my movie at the bottom-left corner. Below is a small movie clip which shows that.


Also, it works even in the “Sitting in the Vehicle (A)” mode.