Query about SKC and MBS files

I have generated an SKC from IPG Kinematics for my vehicle according to the configuration and hardpoints of my system and have saved it in the Data/Chasis directory of my project folder. I followed the steps used on this thread.

IPG Kinematic issues

Now when I open this file in carmaker by selecting the SKC file option it is immediately classified as MBS file. The example SKC file providedis properly classified as SKC when I open it in Carmaker.

I don’t quite understand what is going on as I have not used carmaker before. What exactly is the difference between these two files? Are both of them required?

The option SKC only works with an SKC file, while the option MBS only works with an MBS file. Only one of this files is required. I think that the file ending .skc and .mbs are optional and are only for user readability.

You should look at the file content of these files instead, by opening them in a text editor.

An SKC file is a mapping of the suspension behavior, between a few hundred to thousands of lines. The SKC maps the rotation and translation of the wheel (tx, ty, tz, rx, ry, and rz) and the length of the suspension force elements (lSpring, lDamp, lStabi, and lBuf) based on the compression of the wheel, steering, and compression of the opposite wheel (comp steer compOpp). The SKC file should have a line similar to “FileIdent = CarMaker-SuspKnC-* 1”.

An MBS file is an infofile that contains parameters for the multi-body system (MBS) model. The file is usually 200-300 lines long. The MBS file should have a line similar to “FileIdent = CarMaker-SuspKnC-McPherson 1”.