IPG Kinematic issues

How to save ipg kinematic model in skc file there’s showing an error when we run simulation in ipg movie

To generate an SKC file in IPGKinematics you need to:

  1. Select Storage of Results: CarMaker Interface (1 or 2)

  2. Start the simulation by clicking on the green “Start” button

  3. Save file (e.g. MySuspencion)

This will generate:

  1. An .kin file that stores all the parameters of IPGKinematics
  2. An _front.skc (or _rear.skc) which can then be selected in CarMaker to describe the behavior of the suspension

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I’m trying to import my kinematics model from IPG Kinematics into Carmaker. I’ve tried the above step by step but IPG Kinematics does not generate an SKC file even after choosing Carmaker Interface (1) and ticking the checkbox. I even tried the same on another PC but the same happened. Any idea what’s going wrong?

Is there any other way to import my model from IPG Kinematics to Carmaker?

Your help would be much appreciated

The issue got solved! Changing the step size of compression (shown in the picture) from 1mm to 2mm solved the problem. IPG Kinematics doesn’t show any error or give any user feedback for this particular issue (failing to generate an SKC file). Hopefully it’s addressed in the next version.