What is the best way to get started in CM if I want to use it in my thesis/dissertation?

I want to use CarMaker for my thesis or dissertation. How do I get started and how does IPG support my project?

If you plan to use CarMaker for your thesis or dissertation, you can request a Scientific Work License. With this License, you can choose to participate in our Solutions for Academics program, which is a great way to begin your project and get to know our software.

In the scope of the project we offer you two to three individual workshops to get you started with CarMaker or make sure you’re on the right path. Each workshop is two hours long and gives you a one on one session with a member of our support team. With this close and intense support we hope to help you get a faster, more efficient ramp up and learn to use our software to implement and elevate your specific task. Of course, access to regular support will still be available too. Additional to this, you can chose to present your final results in front of our team at IPG to practice and refine your presentation.

  • Click here to request a Scientific Work License

We look forward to helping you to successfully complete your scientific work using IPG‘s CarMaker!