What does IPG Kinematics override in CarMaker?

Hi everyone,
So I am trying to add the suspension geometry into CarMaker via IPG Kinematics and have successfully opened it via an skc file.

My question is what exactly does it override because it seems that changing both the suspension spring values in Kinematics and in the carmaker window both seem to have an effect on the car even after opening the new skc. The stabilizer has a similar thing.
Also, the mass, does this only effect the suspension and not the cars true mass?

I have read the manual but it seems unclear what is in control of what when using the skc file.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help…


As the Forum is growing more and more, we would like it to start been self-sufficient. That said I will encourage one of the other users to try to answer this question. I think that many of you are very proficient at IPGKinematics at this point. We will greatly appreciate your contribution!! I can afterwards add any necessary corrections or extra information.