Using own electric vehicle Torque vectoring control algorithm

I have implemented my own torque vectoring control algorithm including the electric powertrain modelling using SIMULINK and I want to integrate it with IPG’s simulink model to visualize it using IPGmovie…How can I replace the IPG powertrain model and put mine? and do I have to make any adjustments to my model to make it fit the IPG simulink model?

Thanks in advance

Hello, i am currently having exactly the same problem. I would aprreciate a lot if you could tell me what you did to put the torque vectoring algorithm from simulink in IPG. I have been thinking about connecting these two with the python api, cmapi.
Thanks in advance.

Good morning,

you can start from the userpowertrain simulink model from the example folder cm4sl.

You can find more info on the programmers guide.

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