Using IPGMovie with a complete own simulink two track model


I’m trying to implement in the generic model of CarMaker for Simulink a complete own two track simulinkmodel with driver, car, tyries and so on. My own two track model ist completely ready and works fine and standalone in simulink. The idea behind my issue is to use the IPGMovie as a visualisation of my own simulinkmodel. The main input that has to work is the steering and the car velocity. The car in the IPGMovie visulation has to look like what manouver my two track model is simulating. For the first step it is not necessary for me that every movement like suspension of the car works perfekt.
I’ve alrady managed to overwrite the original driver signals with my own driver signals. My huge problem is to define the car velocity in the beginning and during the simulation. Maybe somebody has done something like this in the past and can give me a manual how to do such huge changes with the carmaker simulinkmodel.
I’m thankful for every idea and comment for my project.


Hi Fabian,

what you are looking for is a dedicated interface to exchange the internal vehicle model in CarMaker and keep all the other tools active.
Well, you are lucky, since CarMaker is the only vehicle simulation tool in the market who allows this by design. Please find the description on how to do this, including templates for Simulink in the Programmers Guide, Appendix A “Replacing the Vehicle Model”.
The nice thing about this approach is that you can follow a modular approach and choose what level of modelling you want to bring in and how much of CarMakers fuctionality you keep, e.g. choose to model the tyres by your own or use the tyre model in CarMaker. Apart from that you could always use the traffic simulation, the sensors, IPGControl to analyze your signals and IPGMovie and MovieNX to visualize the overall simulation. Good luck with the implementation.


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