Using Carmaker 10.1 with Matlab r2021b

I am using CarMaker 10.1 with a Formula CarMaker license. My team wants to switch to the newest Matlab version r2021b, but I found out that the two versions are not compatible. Do newer versions of CarMaker support Matlab r2021b, and if so, is it possible for my team to get access to them?
Or is there a way to get the two versions to work together? I use Simulink coder plugins and Matlab to analyse result files, but I don’t (at least currently) use the CM4SL cosimulation.

Hi Jonathan,

The latest Matlab vesion supported at the moment is r2021a. Future versions (not released yet) of CarMaker will support r2021b. Out of curiosity, Is any specific reason for which you need to use use r2021b?

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Thanks for the reply.
We don’t need to use r2021b, but we wanted to switch to a new version, mainly because of changes to Simulink Real-Time, so we just picked the newest one without realizing that CarMaker does not support it. Most of the new features are already in r2021a, so I guess we will switch to that version instead.

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I need to use CarMaker 10.1 and SpeedGoat both. Which latest version will be compatible to both?

r2021a should be compatible with both


CarMaker and SpeedGoat would require some more support as it is not supported by default. I’d be happy to discuss this on a PM

Sure. How do I reach you on PM?

lets email. Please just send a message on and I will pick it up from there

Done. Please have a look.