Unknown kind 'CM4SL', version 1

I am trying to simulate using IPG-Movie but the following error occurs:

How can I resolve this error?

Hi Inha,

Could you give us more information of what you are running?



I think the error occurs due to Suspension part so here’s the figures describing what I am using.
Control Unit - No Model
Parasitic Effects - No Model for Front and Rear
Damper - No Model for Front and Rear
Buffer - No Model for Front and Rear
Stabilizer - No Model for Front and Rear
Compliance - No Model for Front and Rear
External Forces - No Model for Front and Rear

Hi Inha

Thanks for the information. I think you you are running with Stabilizer set to “Model Manage off”. If you want to run with no stabilizer, you can set the Amplification factor to zero. Same for all the other force elements. The “Model Manager off” is used to disable the internal model and it used when you are runnin CarMaker for Simulink (CM4SL)

Thanks for your reply! Actually, I have another problem. I tried to run the driver adaption but it is stucked at the end of the road and the process stops at time : 3252.6, distance : 59997.76. I want to make this simulation run until the end but I don’t know how. What should I do?
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