Unable to run build.sh for CM FS-autonomous

os: ubuntu 22
ros2: humble
carmaker version: 11.0.1

Hey guys, I’m having trouble running build.sh to setup ros2 for carmaker. I’m following the instructions in the FSAI_UsersGuide file but it keeps giving me this error:

I was wondering whether it was a problem with me being on ubuntu 22 and the pre-built libraries being made for ubuntu 20, and if this is the issue, if IPG could release the libraries under lib/ for ubuntu 22?

Thanks for your help!


I’m not sure if that is an issue, but I’ve seen this particular error before.

If you look inside the /FCM_Projects/FS_autonomous/lib/ folder, there are two files there. “libcmcppifloader-linux64.so.1.0.0” is the real library that is being used. “libcmcppifloader-linux64.so” is a symbolic link to that library. The idea was to keep a symbolic link in case we ever update the actual library so that a project can be rebuilt without changes to the library name reference.

Sometimes when you pass this project around, the symbolic link breaks. Please go into the lib folder and manually re-create the symbolic link from libcmcppifloader-linux64.so.1.0.0 to libcmcppifloader-linux64.so