Trouble running new values on car post driver adaption

I am probably missing the obvious but each time I try and run a car with altered values from those initially provided i.e. bump stop settings, once the driver adaption has been run with the driver set to race car the car suddenly seems unable to complete a lap of the endurance track. It goes off with no obvious mechanical reasoning. I’ve adjusted the corner cutting coefficient and Knowl.Lat.tPreview value as recommended but to no avail. Any suggestions?

Hi Giles,

Similarly with a physical race car, it is possible to build a race car in CarMaker that is very difficult to drive and the driver is unable to successfully drive it on the limit. Check the parameter values that you have changed are similar to values you would try on a physical race car.

Depending on which element of the vehicle behaviour is causing the vehicle to go off the track, the Knowl.Long.tPreviewAcc and Knowl.Long.tPreviewBra parameters can be helpful, along with the G-G diagram.

Hope this helps,