Tire modeling in carmaker

When using Carmaker, I only considered body control and used tire models in the format FileIdent = CarMaker-Tire-MF52 2 via carmaker gui->tire select.

However, we are currently working on a project that takes tire blowouts into account by changing the values in the tire model.

Checking the block diagram of Usertire.mdl, I noticed that “TireXX_Out signal is only used if FileIdent is “CarMaker-Tire-CM4SL” in the tire parameter file!” It is specified to be used in the form of .

The DT examples provided in the default examples folder contain only simple variables.

What I have is a file in the format FileIdent = CarMaker-Tire-MF52 2 and a .tir file containing the physical characteristics of the tire.

Should I reorganize the magic formula for TireXX_in and TireXX_out by reorganizing the block diagram in Usertire.mdl?

In summary, should MF Toolbox be implemented in Usertire.mdl?

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Hi Kim,

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To answer your question, yes, you would need to implement your own model.

For better understanding about the CarMaker tyre models.

You have some native models. In this case I will mention the CarMaker implementaion of Magic Formulat 5.2 & 6.1 .

You can find all the equations regarding those models in the Reference Manual (Main GUI → Help → Refernce Manual)

These tyre models are called by the FileIdent, which makes reference to an exisiting model, in the case of your post to the CarMaker implementation of MF5.2

There are two options for using these models in CarMaker both of them with an example under the Tire Product Exmples.

  • Create a tire using the Tire Editor by importing the *tir file

  • Using a InfoFile, where you call the Tyre Model and the *.tir file

As mention before the FileIdent makes reference to a Model. You can find more information about this in the Programmer’s Guide (Main GUI → Help → Programmers Guide)

So looking at the FileIdnt = CarMaker-Tire-MF52 2 what you have

  • ModelClass = Tire
  • Kind = MF52
  • VersionID = 2

Then you have the Usertire.mdl in CM4SL, which is an example of how to replace CarMaker’s internal tyre module on the Simulink level. So if you want to follow this path you will need to implement your own tyre.

There are other options for replacing models without using CM4SL. You can also create c-code plugins, FMUs or Simulink Plugin. There is more information about those in the Programmer’s guide.

As an extra note, if you use the implementation of Magic Formula 6.1 you can modify during the TestRun the Inflation Pressure


I was impressed. And thank you very much for your kind explanation.
You are the best advisor.

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