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Hello. I’m working on vehicle dynamics control testing and optimization in Carmaker which is connected to Simulink. Is there a common/recommended way to implement an own tire model (either in Simulink or through Carmaker GUI)? Our FS team has TTC measurements which we would like to apply in simulation. Our inputs would be vertical tire load, slip angle, slip ratio (possibly speed) and its output is Fy lateral force.
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If I understood well your question, you want to create a tyre model out of the TTC (Tyre Test Consortium) raw data (e.g Magic Formula). For that there are different tools available in the market (maybe your university has some agreements with them) but just for saying one which is opensource you could use MFeval (you need matlab). It has documentation and it comes with some examples of how to start to make the fitting. Once you create the tyre model (Magic Formula) it can be use in CarMaker just by importing it or pointing to it.
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Hello Jose!

Thanks for your answer.
We have a tiremodell implemented in a simulink model and I tried to insert it into the Carmaker for Simulink model (in the green, “tire” subsystem) but it did not affect the simulation.

There is a message in the CM4SL model “The TireXX_Out signals will only be used if FileIdent is “CarMaker-Tire-CM4SL” in the tire parameter file!
An example parameter file can be found in Data/Tire/DT_CM4SL_UserTire.”
I don’t have this file but when I changed this FileIdent in an other tire parameter file (FS_195_50R13) which is chosen in the Carmaker GUI, the simulation ran into an error.
I don’t really understand how it works.

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Hi Peter,

There is an example for CM4SL of how to replace a tyre model for a User’s one, which I think will help you to understand a bit better what you are trying to do.

You can get all the extra CM4SL models by updating your project with “CarMaker for Simulink Extras”
Main GUI → File → Project Folder → Update Project

Then in your project under the folder src_cm4sl you can find “UserTire.mdl”
Open that model. It will point you on the top level to where the changes has been made in the CM4SL environment but also which TestRun you should run with it.(Examples/BasicFunctions/Simulink/Hockenheim_UserTire)

You can find useful information about this model in the Programmer’s Guide under CarMaker for Simulink - Demostration Examples - User Tire (6.4.16)
To reach the Progammer’s guide , in the Main GUI → Help → Programmer’s Guide

I hope this helps

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Thank you very much. I managed to do it.


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