Tire model estimation for formula student examples


I have a question related to the tire model, Is the tire model dynamic or kinematic ?

Is there a way to get the parameters directly from IPG or should I take data from the car when it moves and plot curves and then fit parameters ?

Thanks in advance

Hello Ahmed!

CarMaker supports different tire models. To get information on the current tires on the car (or other tires provided by us), you can open the Tire Data Set directly from CM Main GUI-> “Select” in the Tire row → Edit. (You can also click Parameters->Car->Tires, In this Tab, if you click „Select Tires“->Edit)

In the Tire Data Set, you can see the respective tire model (top center, an overview of tire models you can find in the User’s Guide chapter 11.1 Overview of Tire Models), as well as different tire parameters. You can also edit parameters, create a new tire or give scaling factors there.

You can also run a Model Check via CM Main GUI-> Simulation->Model Check (uncheck all boxes except for „Tires“ for simplification) to get the force-slip curves and other data.

Hello Denise,

When ever I start the model check an error appears that says no file simOutput