Tire Data Generator


I want to generate tire data for 14/80 R20 . But I couldn’t enter this exact specification in IPG tyre data generator. Is there a work around for this?

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14/80 R20 is not a valid tire size. Can you please send me the correct width of the tire you want to generate?

14.00R20 CONTINENTAL HCS (TL) (STEER) (166/160G) (164/160K) (M+S) (ON/OFF) (bigtyres.co.uk)

This is the tyre. We measured the tyre width as 327mm, tyre radius as 622mm.

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tire width is then indicated in inches (14=355.6mm). Can you confirm is that tire (since you indicated 327mm)

R20 is rim diameter in inches.

I calculated the full tire diameter as 1078mm that equals 539mm radius.

Please confirm the numbers.Thanks



That’s correct. But even 356/80 R20 is not accepted by the tire data generator.

the tire generator is limited to the European Tire Road Transport Organization
so it is not possible to generate any tire that you want.

I would need to speak with the development team to see if a workaround to generate the exact tire for you.

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Will you be speaking with your team to generate this tire?