The moveable traffic object (car) does not follow the route


I am working on a scenario where the car in the neighboring lane cuts off the EEGO vehicle sharply. For this, I have designed a “route” for neighboring car to follow. However, I am realizing that the neighboring car does not follow the route I designed for it and goes on a different route. It would be of great help, if I understand the reason and can fix it.

Below I have uploaded an image of the route that I have designed.
Route for car cutting of the EEGO vehicle

Below I have attached a small clip, which shows current behavior of the car, to NOT follow the route.
Movie Clip

Below I have attached my Road file and TestRun.
Road File


Hi Swati,

First of all, very good post :slight_smile: . Clear question and all the information needed.

Looking at the Traffic General Parameter’s settings, you have set your Route correctly but you have set a lateral ofset (t) and to “Use reference line”. As you didn’t set any Later Motion on your maneuver, the vehicle will keep the lateral offset. Set “t” to zero and deselect the “Use referene line”. Your traffic vehicle will be position in the right place and it will follow your route.

You can find more information in the User’s Guide (CM GUI → Help → User’s Guide) under the section of Traffic

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hello Jose,

Thank you for appreciating my post and also explaining the causes, when the vehicle does not follow the route. I implemented the fix that you suggested, and it is working like magic :slightly_smiling_face:. It helped a lot.

Yes, I have access to the User’s Guide, however, it is huge. Sometimes it becomes hard to find information tailored to our specific needs in it. So I tend to ask questions on the forum.

I hope this is OK.