Suspension knc error with skc file

I was trying to import my own car parameters but when I import the skc file from IPG kinematics, I keep on getting the Suspension knc error. As per my observation I think it would be related to the co- ordinate system. Can any one help me with it. I have used a double wishbone system with pushrod situated on the upper wishbone.

Take a look at my previous answer to a similar question:

Maybe try to provide some graphs of your skc data to see where the problem is.

Sure sir,
I have attached the skc file along with the image of graph.
Front 2024 1.0_front.skc (109.1 KB)

So, the first error tells me that your suspencion is bottoming out. You can either shorten the range in IPGKinematics a little so that this point is not calulated. Or just change the value of (0,13) to by a very small amput (e.g. -0.0181220)

Yes sir, I tried changing the geometry points by small amount but the error still persists.

Sir can the torsion bar parameters be affecting the spring parameters? Because I am quiet confused regarding the torsion bar terms as we are using a z- anti roll bar. Could you also please explain what these terms are exactly.

For all other errors. it looks like your spring mounting is somehow backwards.

Sir, I tried the simulation by changing the values but now I am getting another error as shown below.

Can you please suggest a possible solution for this.