Step-by-step guidline for creating Tire STI Plugin

Hello everyone.
I am using IPG CarMaker (version 12.0.1) for creating a custom STI Tire plugin. In the reference manual and IPG documentations, I cannot find any detailed and step by step guide of how to create such plugin, use it as the tire model. There are various outputs findable in the simulink plugin interface which maked me wonder whether all of them are compulsory to be calculated by our tire model and are indeed needed for CarMaker or not? If not, which of them exactly are the required ones.

I also am hoping that after I have built a CarMaker executable find around my Tire STI simulink plugin, I can still import it in the CM4SL because I need to evaluate my controller’s performance using Simulink and running it in standalone CarMaker is not adequate for me. I guess the other way can potentially be building another plugin for my controller but I would prefere to run my custom Tire STI model in CM4SL.
Thanks in advance for your help.