Spawning Actors

Hello IPG Automotive Community,

I am currently working on a project where I am transitioning some of my simulation work from Carla to IPG Automotive. In Carla, I frequently use the spawn_actor() and try_spawn_actor() commands to spawn actors into the environment.

Could anyone advise if there is an equivalent command or method in IPG Automotive’s toolset?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best Regards,

Hi Kholood,

first of all I’m glad to hear you will transition from CARLA to CarMaker.

The usage of CARLA and CarMaker are sometimes very similar, sometimes very different. CarMaker users are used to use a GUI to create their scenarios, therefore the equivalent of a spawn_actor() is currently a “add traffic object” in the GUI.

CarMaker also comes with a Python API which currently does not support a similar function. There might be an option if you want to stick with Python for scenario generation: write the corresponding Info Files (just text files with a specific syntax) and import them to CarMaker. A support engineer would be happy to conduct you with some hints. Please forward your specific request to