Sign sensor is not providing the most signifficant information - what is contents of a sign?

The most signifficant information is what is a contents of a sign?

I can only get ObjId, but it seems not to be possible to enumerate ObjId through UAQs.

There could be one possible workaround to feed some numeric key into a Param2. Param1 is already used for sign parameter like speed limit. But I am not sure whether Param2 has also some side effect.

From ReferenceManual 26.14.6 Traffic Sign Sensor:

<pre>.ds TSignSensor[Nb].Sign[Nb_TS].ds_p m Distance to traffic sign position
<pre>.ds.x TSignSensor[Nb].Sign[Nb_TS].ds[0]
<pre>.ds.y TSignSensor[Nb].Sign[Nb_TS].ds[1]
<pre>.ds.z TSignSensor[Nb].Sign[Nb_TS].ds[2]  m Distance to traffic sign position in sensor frame or mounted frame
<pre>.Main.val0 TSignSensor[Nb].Sign[Nb_TS].main.val[0]
<pre>.Main.val1 TSignSensor[Nb].Sign[Nb_TS].main.val[1] - User-defined sign attribute values (float)
<pre>.ObjId TSignSensor[Nb].Sign[Nb_TS].objId - Traffic sign object Id (integer) (please refer to section 4.4 ’Object ID’ for more information)