Sensor can't find driver

I have been attempting to get the sensor on CM working however the LiDAR doesn’t work with the error message being it cant fins the driver even though the desktop I’m using has the latest Nvidia driver. When I performed a test on it with out the LiDAR applied it was able to work. What do you suggest i should do in this case?

Hello Tolu,

Could you try running this with a 460 driver? I know it’s an inconvenience, but some users have reported issues with 30- series cards and 470 in CarMaker 10.

In addition, is this an A4000 or does it only show up as one (I know sometimes 3090 can show up as other models)? If it is, I’ll need to confirm with our developers that we support the A-series.

Hi Bogomil,

Thanks for the reply. Yes it is an A4000. I’ve made an attempt to downgrade it but ubuntu isn’t allow me to. Are there any alternatives?


Hi Tolu,

I can confirm that A4000 should be fine, I’ve seen other customers use the A-series with no issues.

I can see that according to Nvidia, at least 465 should work in Ubuntu: NVIDIA 465.27 for Linux Released with RTX A5000, A4000, A3000, A2000 Support | UbuntuHandbook

Is the problem that Ubuntu won’t let you install them, or they are not visible/selectable in the software/updates window:

This is not from my machine as I have a different selection of drivers I’ve collected over the past few months, but I find that for me it takes some time after I click on the radio buttons to change my drivers until Ubuntu makes the transition.