Running CM4SL using Simulink Desktop Real-time toolbox

We are trying to run CM4SL in real-time on a Windows workstation with the help of the Simulink Desktop Real-Time Toolbox. The end objective is to provide signals of an ideal sensor mounted onto a virtual car, simulated in CarMaker, in real time to a real ADAS ECU via CAN through the CM4SL functionality of CarMaker. We are observing non-deterministic behavior in the braking of the virtual car for multiple runs of the same test run. The ADAS ECU has a HMI which is correctly generating the required warnings for all the runs of a test run. We suspect that the issue lies within trying to run CM4SL in real-time on the Windows workstation.

It would be great if someone who has faced a similar issue could share their solution or guide us in the right direction as this is a completely new area of work for our team. Kindly let us know if any further information is required.