Road XY coordinates and Road Sensor

Hi everyone,

I want to be able to read the x and y coordinates of the car and the road/path in order to calculate the cross track error and the heading error. I already know that the x and y coordinates of the car can be measured with the help of inertial sensors, but I don’t know how to get the x and y coordinates of the path/road. So does anyone know if it is possible to use some sensors in IPG CarMaker to get these two values, or there are already some UAQs (which can be read with IPG Control) for these two values?

Also, if not possible, I have tried to use road sensors to detect heading error and cross track error, but I am also facing an error.

ERROR Embedded FARoadSensor Geo: xyz (nan nan nan) not found on Road

Does anyone know what this error means, why this error occurs and how I can solve this problem?

I will be grateful for any help you can provide. :slight_smile:

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I am seeing the same error when trying to follow a route around a turn. Don’t have a solution yet, but it looks like it’s coming from the Front Axle Road Sensor (whatever that is). My vehicle doesn’t have any sensors explicitly defined, so it must be something hidden in CM.

I was having this problem and traced it back to sending int values instead of floats for our car’s trajectory. This trajectory then goes through several other non-carmaker stages, so it might be completed unrelated to your particular situation, but hopefully it at least gives you a direction to start looking since no one else has answered.