Python API Parallel Simulation

Hi, Guys!

Currently I’m working on carmaker automation with python api.

And I keep trying automation with parallel things! (example in python api)

So Running parallel carmaker simulation is success. But problem is carmaker parallel execution maximum 2!

Is anyone know reasons?

My error code like below …

WARNING - Catched unhandled exception in run_variation: Cannot find a server which matches the requested parameters {‘appclass’: None, ‘identity’: None, ‘description’: ‘Idle’, ‘nclients’: None, ‘maxclients’: None, ‘starttime’: None, ‘username’: None, ‘hostname’: ‘3090tix1’, ‘pid’: 1549331, ‘maxfreq’: None, ‘port’: None, ‘netaddress’: None, ‘nethostname’: None}.

Could you please upload the exact python code you are running?

Which version of CarMaker are you using?

What type of license do you have?

hi Jeonghun,
Currently I’m also working on carmaker automation with python api.
could you please help me
thanks in advance

Hi Rajesh,

What exactly is it that you require support with? It’s not clear from your message how we can assist. If you could share more details about what you are trying to do, what you have tried, what issues you are facing and screenshots of any errors etc then maybe we can advise further.


hi david,
I’m working on carmaker automation with python api.
i am able to connect the carmaker with python cmapi’s , but i want to know the result of the simulation whether it is passed or failed ,where the file has been stored.

Which version of CarMaker and the Python API are you using?

Are you able to share the code you have developed to date so we could advise further on how it can be extended?

Hi David,
iam using carmaker 11.0
currently we are trying with the examples given in cmapi documentation…

After the simulation we want to extract the results of the simulation.
we are getting empty list with variations.get_results_file_paths()

kindly give us solution to log the simulation data and capture results at end…


hi David,
i want to add traffic details from CMapi’s using python
i.e., in carmaker tool parameters ->traffic → new
please tell me which api can i use
kindly give the solution
Rajesh P

Hi Rajesh

Did you find a solution to set your result path ?



The problem jeonghun is having is likely a license issue(I am not so sure).

A workaround for rajesh is to use the KeyValue DStore.OutPath. It is supposed be used in the SimParameters Infofile in the Data/Config folder, but for some reason the Python API just ignores it. So instead, you can put it inside the TestRun infofile and it will still work.

Hi Yeonsoopark

I want to know about error handling using cmapi’s
kindly provide me with some examples…

rajesh P

Other than the fact the CMAPI uses its own wrapper for the asyncio module in Python, it is still generic Python and error handling also remains identical.