PT Control using a Simulink model to control electric powertrain

I am trying to use a custom Simulink model to control a 4WD electric powertrain. I have created a plug-in model in simulink and added it in Powertrain>Control Unit>PT Control.
I am planning on using this model to control the motors, and implement functions such as TV and TC, but using CM GUI to set the other car variables.

I am just trying to use a simple model to test the functionality and have mapped the gas signal to create a torque request, which is the variable that is being outputted from the model. The problem I am having is that the motor torque does not actually change based on this value and remains at ~0. I can see that the target is set correct.

I have also set the operation state to 4 in the simulink model since I getting errors before that.

Any help is welcome!

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This is where I am adding my model:

I have been able to solve this by writing the speed request to -99999 (value for unused signals).
Now the MCU has been able to use the torque request.