Probelm with generating speed profile during driver adaptation

My FS team is trying to create a good model of our car in CarMaker but we have problems with our brake model causing errors like the ones in the picture during the driver adaptation. After the driver adaptation the driver brakes very strangely. Instead of stepping continously on the brake it presses and lets go and presses again in quick succsession which causes the car to be become unbalanced and more often than not crash of the road. We realised that it is the braking and regenerative braking model that is the cause of this as nothing else affects it. Does anyone else have the same issue and have found some sort of solution? Any help would be greatly appriciated!

Errors during driver adaptation:

Good morning,
which CM are you using? Are you using then a custom Brake model as CM4SL or plug-in?


Im using CM 11.0.1. We arent using any custom brake model. We are using the pressure distribution model and the pedal force mode and the parameters can be seen below:

We also have regenerative braking which uses the hydraulic basic controller model and the Serial mode:

Every time we run the driver adaptation we get the previously mentioned errors above and the driver behaves very strangly. We have also found that we have the same issue when we use one of the example Formula Student vehicles provided.
Thanks for the help!

I believe the issue has something to do with the IPGdriver driver adaptation tPreview phase. For the first couple of runs the driver overshoots the desired speed and then it starts blipping the throttle like crazy.

Also something to note about our model is that it doesn’t have a gearbox. The electric motors have a constant output ratio and therefore have no gearbox model. After reading through the IPGdriver User manual I believe that this may be an issue that it doesnt have a gearbox. There it says that the driver adaptation can only be run in two modes, in manual transmission mode and automatic transmission mode. When I run the demo model for the Tesla Model S that also doesnt have a gearbox model the same issue appears. The brake behaveiour is presented in the picture below:

I hope this new information helps you understand the issue im having.