PowerTrain.Control BEV ElecDrive mode: SOC_lim_out is outside of battery SOC limits

Hi, I’m having trouble with SOC. I want to set SOC_lim_out inside of battery SOC limits. Any help?
powertrain.control bev elecdrive mode

Good morning,
there are some parameters not within the limits set in the HV Battery supply.

Can you please show me the HV Battery supply parameters like the tab below
and the control unit → electric drive parameters like the tab below

Feel free to send me the full vehicle and I have a look for you.


Actually I used “Low Voltage” model in Power Supply. So I can’t show you HV Battery supply parameters. But here is what I can show you.

As you can see the “Electric Driving” index is greyed out, so I can’t get into it. Is it because of the carmaker license? Should I get more upgraded version?

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the electric driving tab is greyed out because you are using a full BEV therefore you can’t customise the EV strategy since the vehicle is running EV only.

For a BEV you need to use the High Voltage battery tab, but of course you can use the same parameters of capacity and voltage of the low voltage battery.

Remember that the maximum power of the battery needs to be consistent with the electric motor power and also the Max torque at full gas in PT control needs to be aligned with the electric motor performance otherwise you may be limiting the power that the motor can deliver base on the number you are setting.

Thanks for your reply!