No Valid License for GPUSensor/GUI 8.0


In Carmaker 8.0 while running the test run related to sensors. I find that Radar, Radar RSI, and Lidar RSI is not activated in the Sensor tab of “Car”. And after clicking run GPUSensor Error tab opens
addressing that No Valid License for GPUSensor/GUI 8.0.

I have attached one screenshot. Can anyone assist me regarding this issue?

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Akash Bhattacharya

Hi Akash,

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To be able to run RSI sensors you need the PSM license. That is the reason why those sensors are greyed out. The example vehicle that you have picked, although is not showing in the GUI has those entries, so that is why is shown the license error.

Also I will suggest to move to newer versions of CarMaker (CM10, CM11 or the latest CM12) as previous versions are currently discontinued.

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Thanks for your response. We will try to move on newer to newer version as soon as possible.