NamedValue Definition in TestManager


we have a TestSeries where certain variables are defined as NamedValue and we want to set these Variables with extra .tcl scriptfile inside the TestManager. The question is can we Do it in a such way ?

For Example : I have TestSeries where all the NamedValue based Variables are alredy defined in it. But it does not have intial value in it. (In the TestRun it is defined like $v_Ego , not like $v_Ego=90)

So in case we want to set these variables intial value to run the TestRun , can we define the value for this variables from the .tcl script file when we initialize the TestRun. Our planned Concept is User should not put the value manually inside the TestManger but it should recall from the TestManager or TestRun automatically. Is there any way that we can define those value ?

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I think the best way for that is using a Script in TestManager to generate the test. You just have to add a ScriptControl Element and add the code you need to run it.

A very simple example would be:

TestMgr additem TestRun “Examples/BasicFunctions/Driver/BackAndForth” -param {{vel NValue} {mue NValue}}
TestMgr additem Variation “Variation 1” -param {100 0.8}

Before running the script

and after running it

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Thanks for the replay, let see we already started with other way around but if it won’t works as expected we definitely like to use this solution.

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