Limit maximum lateral acceleration

I’m trying to set up a simulation using the IPG Driver for the lateral dynamics, and a fixed speed control for the longitudinal. I would like to limit the maximum lateral acceleration and check if the vehicle can drive through different bend radii.
I have tried by setting the desired max. lateral acceleration on the IPG Driver parameters, but I still see on the logs that the vehicle exceeds that threshold.
Also I don’t want the vehicle to decelerate to meet the threshold, that’s why I’m not using IPG driver for longitudinal motion, so I expect the car will deviate on sharp bends due to the limited lateral acceleration.

Good morning,
your car exceeds the maximum lateral acceleration because you are fixing the driver speed and therefore you may expect the car to deviate on sharp bends and go offroad. You may consider use the IPG Driver for the longitudinal with a very high Ax (so the car is not limited by the Driver but by the powertrain torque/power) and limit the deceleration and lateral acceleration. You will see the driver braking appropriately before reaching a corner following the max longitudinal deceleration and driving the corner at the maximum lateral acceleration set by you ( if the vehicle is capable of reaching that acceleration).

Hi Roberto, thanks for your help.
I have now set up the possitive Ax to a very high value and the deceleration to 0, but the driver still decelerates to meet the lateral acceleration, which I understand is the normal behaviour but not what I’m looking for. I would like the speed to remain high, so the car deviates and I can measure how fast it deviates with different maximum lateral acceleration values.
If instead of IPG driver I use the speed control on the longitudinal, I see the vehicle speed meets the target, but the lateral acceleration then exceeds the target.