Lidar sensor can’t find nvidia driver

I have been trying to run LidarRSI sensor, but it says no supported graphics driver installed even though i have nvidia driver version 510.39.0.01.
I am using Geforce RTX 3060 graphic adapter.
I tried older driver versions but nothing happened.
is there any solution for this error ?


I’ve had previous conversations with Support on this, and the driver needs to be between 460 and 470 for this CarMaker version. Do you remember the version of the older driver that you used?


Thank you for the reply.
I tried 470 and 435, I will try 465 then.

i tried 465 now but it’s not working either


Apologies I was away yesterday and today I’m discussing this issue with some of my colleagues in Germany.

All of these issues are caused by the fact that one of the libraries used in the GPU sensor implementation in CarMaker has been made obsolete by NVidia sometime between CarMaker 10 and CarMaker 11. Our usual approach is to recommend CarMaker 11, but for Formula Student CM10 is already set and a bit too late to change that.

Is this for the competition, or is this for your MSc thesis? If it’s for your thesis, I can try to assist you in switching this project to CarMaker 11. For FSAI, if multiple drivers don’t work, then it might be that the 3060 will not be able to work with CM10 due to overall compatibility issues. It’s one of the later cards that NVidia created, and it came out just a few weeks before the release of CarMaker 10. It might be that the minimum driver required for the 3060 will no longer work with CM10.

I know this probably won’t help much, but as a reference, I always tend to select the “proprietary, tested” drivers in Ubuntu, and 470 did work for me in CM10, but I am advised by support that officially this driver may cause issues for customers already unless they switch to CM11. However, I also have an older 20 series card.


Okay, I understand the problem now.

It is for the competition unfortunately, is there any chance to switch to CarMaker 11 ? If not,
I will attempt to run it on another machine with an older GPU card.

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Hi Roni,

The technical part of switching the project to CarMaker 11 is certainly possible. However, I am not sure how easy it is to obtain a CarMaker 11 license for the competition. It’s not part of the standard practice as far as I know since when the preparation for the competition started, CM11 was not even out. I also don’t know if there are any official FSAI rules that would get in the way of using CarMaker 11.