Lateral manoeuvre

Hey I made a new thread because I wasn’t sure if the old one was closed , but I tried playing around with the different options for lateral manoeuvre to stop my car from leaving the track but I’m not entirely sure how to implement it , could I please get some help regarding that
Thank you

Good afternoon, can you describe which manoeuvre are you trying to implement?
Is the car swerving off the road on his own or is losing control on a corner for example?

Hey, so i was just running the LTS endurance track and i did a driver adaptation, and the car would slow down a bit before a corner and then about halfway through the corner the driver would not be able to completely turn and swerves off the road. I was trying the sinus option but i think I’m doing it wrong as nothing is changing.

Good morning,
you don’t need to use the sinus manouvre but to let the IPG Driver control the car.
If after a driver adaption the IPG Driver is not able to control appropriately the car you can use these 3 parameters:
Knowl.Lat.tPreview = Preview time for lateral control:
Knowl.Long.tPreviewAcc, Knowl.Long.tPreviewBra = Preview time for speed control:
Determines the reference point for throttle/brake control
You can find more about these coefficient in the IPG Driver Manual.