Issues with creating routes Opendrive import (Vissim converted opendrive)

I am facing the issue not being able to generate a route in the test run file attached.

And in another file I am able to generate route but get this error - ERROR IPGDriver: Calculate road s = 112.080m, error from IPGRoad = -1 (2). (id=319)

Can I please get some assistance?

I think you meant to attach a test run file here. Did the forum not allow it? If so, let me know and we will find another way to get the file to us.

The forum didn’t allow - said new users cannot sent attachments

Could you open the testrun file with notepad and copy the contents here please.
CarMaker Infofiles are human-readable cleartext parameter files. I should be able to re-create it on my end.
If I end up needing more information, I’ll share a folder where you can drop additional files.


I tried sending the test run notepad text content but it gives character limit error. Is there a way I can please share the test run file. The current issue is that - the cosimulation runs without error but I don’t see Vissim vehicles in IPG carmaker. I am cofused about the issue. Please advice.

Thank you

Hi Abhilasha,

I suggest you use Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or DropBox etc and share a public link with us here.


Thanks David. Here is the public link - IPGIssue – Google Drive

Let me know if this is accessible or you need anything else.

I am wondering about why you are not able to upload your file here. Do you get the following warning?

If yes, I will suggest you to simply add a .txt or .dat at the end of your file. For example if your testrun is called BrakingTest just change the name to BrakingTest.txt


On trying to add the text file, I get the message that as a new user I cannot upload files.



I am very sorry for the late reply, we’ve been quite busy lately in IPG UK with our OpenHouse event.

Unfortunately I cannot access the Google Drive file.

Could you please upload it to NextCloud here: IPG Automotive GmbH

The folder is password-protected since I’m posting it in a public space. I’ll message you the password privately.


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Dear Bogomil,

I have put relevant files in the shared folder. There are two issues with import of opendrive files into carmaker scenario

  1. In one case in the carmaker scenario the routes are hard to create in the imported opendrive file
  2. In other case, the opendrive scenario coordinates don’t match with Vissim causing carmaker vehicle to drive in a different place in the network

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have been stuck on this for quite long. It maybe that changing the georeference projection line in opendrive will help match the cooridnates in opendrive and Vissim but I am not sure what is the correct sentence needed there.

Thank you very much


Do you have the freedom to try a later version of CarMaker? I have imported the OpenDRIVE files in both CM11 and CM12. I can see a lot of “red” junctions in CM11, which means they need modifications and are imported with errors. In CM12, I can see the junctions look significantly better. Switching to CM12 will not solve all your issues, but it may drastically help with a lot of them.

I did some investigation into the actual OpenDRIVE file.

Could you confirm that this xord file is exported from VISSIM? If not, what are the origins of the file(s)? The reason I am asking is that I have explored the file in an independent FOSS online that can visualise an xord file, and I see that the issues in the CarMaker import actually exist in the file itself.

These junction links that I’ve circled below also appear in CarMaker, and they do not seem right to me; this is probably why in CarMaker the whole junction is marked as red and the route creation is extremely problematic:

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I noticed those. I also sent you a clean .xodr file that does not have these type of issues. But when I import it I find that the coordinaqtes are different that the vissim network. If you can tell me how are the bbox coordinates defined or local scale is set in IPG Road that would help me solve this.

Thank you


This is a screenshot of the other file, I assume this is the one that you probably deem “unusable”.

Anyway, I think I have understood your problem. Let me try to put it in a simple way.

One of your files is named “shallowford_mod_v9_populated_CM_VissimIF_v2.xodr”. I’m not sure which one is the original, let’s assume it’s this one. This file gets exported from VISSIM. When you import it into CarMaker, the global coordinates in CarMaker are not the same as with your other file. To illustrate this, I have placed my cursor roughly in the centre of the “problematic” junction, and the global coordinates are roughly x: -423.24, y: 247.41

Your other file is named “chatt_v2.xord”. I assume this file has been post-processed somehow because the “problematic” junction looks much better now. However, when I hover my mouse in the same location, the global coordinates are now different, roughly x: 260.21, y: 629.22

I assume this is the source of the issue, would you say that is correct?

If so, I would need to know how file A has been post-processed to obtain file B. It seems that one of them has somehow shifted its global coordinates during the transformation step.

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Yes, that is correct. File 2 is the original opendrive file. File 2 was imported in Vissim and then the Vissim network was again converted to opendrive to get File 1. Hence, file 1 is messed up. Thus, using File 2 is better idea for carmaker. But then the coordinates don’t match with Vissim and so co-simulation doesn’t work correctly.

I moved the network manually using the rotate and move network commands in Vissim to match to opendrive. This works but this doesn’t seem to be a good way to do it. I suspect if in the rd5 file the Bbox can be set in carmaker scenario somehow and the coordinates can be fixed, it would be better.

I am not sure how does IPG Road decide the local network coordinate. Whicn opendrive input it takes to do so.

I also tried going the .anm Visum-> Vissim route as described in carmaker manual but it doesn’t create junctions. And since we use opendrive import to Vissim as our base to create Vissim model, for automation purposes, would prefer to not go the .anm route.

In short, chatt_v2.xodr (original opendrive) file is imported to Vissim.
Then, Sumo netconvert command was used to convert Vissim network to opendrive format (file A - problematic junction opendrive). Thanks


CarMaker just uses the stored coordinates in your OpenDRIVE. Here is the file from VISSIM opened once again outside of CarMaker:

The coordinates of the OpenDRIVE match the x/y coordinates of the imported road in CarMaker. The problem here does not come from CarMaker, it’s just that the two files you use in the two pieces of software have different coordinate systems that don’t match.

I will try to find a workaround for you in CarMaker.

I cannot find a way to import OpenDRIVE XORD and change its coordinates or translate it inside CarMaker. However, if you export it to rd5 and re-import it, the whole road network is selected at first and you can translate it:

It should look a little something like this. Maybe you can use that translation to re-align the files.

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I see, I will look at it.
Thanks. I did the same thing in Vissim (rotated and translated) in there as a workaround for now. I am curious to know what is the coordinate system in carmaker. What exactly is the rotation and translation needed to match coordinates when same opendrive file is imported in Vissim and CarMaker. It would be good to know that, in case there is a standard difference between vissim and carmaker import of opendrive files. Then there can be a standard rule around rotation and translation as opposed to specific for each network. Any clues on this will be helpful. Thank you very much for looking into this. Appreciate it.