Is there any limitation to sensor mounting on the vehicle? or does it vary on vehicle to vehicle

Hello, I am using a Honda FIT CVT demo vehicle with 5 object sensor and 5 radar sensors mounted respective as (FR,FL,Front Center,RL &RR). But The IPG application is getting disconnected when I connect all of them. I tried debugging as well but it is found that Front Left and front right are throwing error. If I deactive those, scenario is working fine…

But I need a solution to add all sensors. any support will be really appreciable. Thank you!

Dear KaustubhIsadkar,

No, there is no limitation. 5 object and 5 radar sensors should not be a problem.
It seems like you have a special configuration which leeds to some problems.

In order to debug your problem I would suggest to contact and to provide some sample files including the error messages to give the support engineer the chance to analyse your problem into deep.

Good morning,

I built the same vehicle with the 5 Radars on the position you defined and there isn’t any error running the sim. As Josef suggests better to contact with your sample files.

Sure. I have sent the required files to India Team. They are currently looking into it. Thanks