Is there a student version of CarMaker?

As a student, is there a way to get my hands on a free version of CarMaker?

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Yes! However, IPG Automotive offers different solutions targeted at particular groups of students. There are 3 types of licenses available for students:

Formula CarMaker License - is intended for active team members of a university’s Formula Student team. Each team is given 2 licenses per event each season (from November 1st until October 31st), which can be renewed each year. This licenses are tied up to a particular user.

Overview of the Formula Carmaker program

Registration of your team

Scientific Work License (thesis/dissertation) – is intended for university students doing their bachelor thesis, master thesis or PhD. dissertation. This comes with a program called “Solutions for Academics” where we offer customized support in the scope of one to two workshops. An initial test license is provided for 4 weeks, which can then be extended for the duration of the thesis.

Request for a Scientific Work License

University License - many universities are IPG Automotive partners and run CarMaker licenses on their servers. Just ask your professor!

A list of Universities that are currently using CarMaker for scientific work