IPG Kinematics SKC File error

I am running into an issue when generating my SKC file based on my measured suspension points. For some reason the first 10 lines are empty but the rest of the file is not. When I import this model into CarMaker and preform model check I am getting the error that says “ERROR Suspension KnC ‘MapNL’ front left: compression tz is not increasing monotonously [0 (0,8) … 0 (1,8)],”

This is the CarMaker error

Hi Emily Lang,
From your post it is clear that the issues is coming from IPG Kinematics. Therefore, CarMaker will encounter an error as the skc file contains errors. Therefore, the error should be fixed within IPG Kinematics before you attempt to use it in CarMaker.

It is difficult to pin point what is causing the error from the information provided. My first suggestion would be that you follow the steps outlined in the FCM manual (Formula CarMaker). The manual explains how to use IPG Kinematics and will help you understand the peculiarities of IPG Kinematics and how to get around them.

Check from IPG Kinemiatics the output of tz vs q0, looks like the q0 increases but your tz is decreasing, and carmaker expects that tz increases too.