IPG Driver Error with Route

I’m getting the error listed below, and don’t understand why. All I did was create a route within a network. Anyone have an idea what the source of this error is?

ERROR IPGDriver: Calculate road s=4504.520m (2). (id=319)

Hey md1103, it would be much easier to understand if you could share your testrun and road file. Josef

I am getting similar errors. Was this ever solved?

not solved directly. It depends on your your setup. May you be willing to share your data for a deeper analysis?

Sure. Actually after looking into it more , the issue is that

  • opendrive file after importing to Vissim has different local coordinates (x,y) in Vissim (they are correct gloablly) than the local coordinates when opendrive file is imported into IPG Road. Globally the coordinates are correct in all three locations - opendrive, vissim, and IPG road. So, the key issue is, is there anything in the import of Opendrive into Vissim that is needed for same local coordinates as that of Opendrive?

Currently, the co-simulation runs but I don’t see any vissim vehicles in the IPG movie. The coordinate alignment may solve it.

I am unable to attach the opendrive file though

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