IPG apps not working correctly

Installed IPG Car Maker using the guide given in the install files but cant seem to get IPGControl and IPGMovie working at all. The applications will not open both in the CM GUI and from the start menu.

Also, when building tracks on the scenario/road editor, everytime I try to add cones/pylons in the software, the application crashes and closes itself.

Any advice would be helpful, thank you !

Hello Cavern! Thank you for submitting your issue.

IPGControl/Movie/Scenario Editor issues as you described indicate that your host computer/graphics card is not meeting the equirements for our graphics. For CarMaker 11 (for example), for full functionality an adapter with OpenGL 4.3 support is required. You might check if there is a compatible OpenGL driver present and if not, if there is a possibility to download/update.

For more software and hardware requirements (also for your individual CarMaker release version), please see chapter 1.2 in Help->Release Notes in the CM Main GUI.

unfortunately still the same issue. My hardware is sufficient to run the programme and all drivers are up to date.

Hi Cavern / Denise,

Was a solution found for this issue? I am experiencing an identical issue regarding IPG Movie and IPG Control.