Interconnected Suspension

Hello all

Id like to produce a suspension in Carmaker that is interconnected Front Left to Right Rear and Right Front to Left Rear. Ive been looking all over to find ways to make that happen but no progress.

Any tips on where to start? Has it been done before? Is there a model that uses this principle? Thus far Ive looked through a lot of the C-Code and tried Simulink.

Thanks /Bo

Hi Danerius,

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You can have a look to the “External Suspension Forces”. You can use these class as a whole or split by submodels (Spring, Damper, Stabilizer & Buffer). You can find more information in the Reference Manual (Main CM GUI → Help → Reference Manual)

CarMaker provides some examples that might be useful as a starting point.

  • C-Code: MySuspExtForces.c (CM Project → src/ExtraModels)
  • Simulink Plugin: BodyCtrl_RTW.mdl (CM Project → src)
  • CarMaker For Simulink: BodyCtrl.mdl (CM Project → src_cm4sl)
  • FMU: MySuspExtForces_FMU (CM Project → Plugins)

You can add them to your project when you create them or you can update your current project.


I hope it helps

Hello Jose. Thanks for replying and good to be here.

Im looking into these files. I will get back when I have further questions.

Best regards &Bo