Infinite 2km test track

I want to setup a test track which is 2 km in all the directions. No lanes are required. How this can be achieved?

And, Can deformable speed braker (kind of mud bump) be modelled in carmaker by any chance?

Good morning,
do you mean an infinite plane of 2km per side so 4km2? Are you planning to introduce some DVA manouvres/manual inputs to the car like steering etc?


Yes, I want to create a scenario where a car hits a bump from different angles at different speed. So, I need a infinite plane.


You can find the infinite plane in

It is possible to have an infinite road like the one shown below. There is already one built in the test run


Just import the road into your test run.
You can use DM.Steer to apply a steering angle during the sim for example as shown below with a DVA

and you can define a bump this way using Beam profile