Increasing TestRun Duration

I am using CarMaker for testing an AI pipeline and currently CarMaker hard crashes if the simulation time goes above ~313 seconds. Is there a way to increase this time?

Hello Onish,

There is currently an End Condition set in the example project that we distribute. It’s inside the Maneuver settings. It stops the simulation after 3 laps have been performed. You can either increase the number of laps or remove this condition completely. It is not necessary and you can rely on the general “Duration (time/dist)” to control how much you want to simulate.

Hi Bogomil,

The maneuver is currently based on the acceleration maneuver and so it as as seen below:

As you can see, I’ve set the duration to 10000 s, but after 313.4s worth of simulation time, the timer will stop and the simulation cannot be restarted until CarMaker is restarted.

Hello Onish,

I can confirm that I can reproduce this locally. This is definitely a bug. I don’t think it’s a bug in the open source code of the package (CMNode), I strongly suspect it’s a bug in the compiled CMRosIF libraries that are used to establish the job and internal node framework. The current version of the interface released to students is CMRosIF 0.6.8.

We are releasing a new update that supports ROS2 but also has updated CMRosIF 1.0.0. This should be out within a week or so. I can confirm that this bug seems to be fixed in the upcoming release, both in ROS1 and ROS2.