In/Out Points In BodyCtrl


Im going to do some mods on the BodyCtrl.mdl Project and need to clarify some stuff.

  • In order to use FSpring FL, RR and RL? Is it enough to just draw new lines and name them accordingly?
  • And in that case from where? After the orange “Car.ay” Block or the “Sync_In”?
  • Im a bit uncertain as to what the triangular “-K-” Block is doing. Its a Gain Block that does what?

Thanks + regards /Bo

Just to clarify. The goal is to have one front wheels Spring Force connected to the opposites sides rear wheels External Force via some processing. Since my original question Ive guessed my way ahead so that the orange “Read CM Dict” Block should read “Car.SpringFLFrc” in order to get the Force values from the left front wheel.

Is that correct?

Regards /Bo