Importing OpenDRIVE road format in Scenario Editor

I am trying to import OpenDRIVE road description generated from MATLAB RoadRunner to IPG CarMaker 12.0.1. However, I am always getting syntax erorrs for these files. I even tried importing an example .xodr file from the following link from IPG (FAQ | IPG Automotive). I get the same syntax error. Screenshot has been attached.

Is there any specific option that I must choose while exporting from MATLAB RoadRunner that allows proper import into IPG CM?

Hi Roshan,

I suspect you might be using the wrong import option. You need to make sure you select the OpenDrive import from the menu, as shown below. If you just select the standard import it is expecting rd5 so you would probably get those syntax errors. You need to click and hold the import menu for more options. Please try this option and let us know.


Thank you it’s working now!

I had a different doubt regarding the beautification of these road descriptions. How would I go about adding props, environmental objects, etc? The scope of these additions would be more than what is achievable solely through the Scenario Editor in CM (aiming for something more like the HD Scenarios packaged with IPG CM). What software can be used for this?

the descent level of details as seen in the HD scenarios requires the Unigine Editor The community version is bound on a license agreement. Please check before using. IPG is continously improving the Scenario Editor but for now you may use this additional tool.

Thank you Josef for your reply.

Do you also have some more information about how the workflow looks like? Would Unigine Editor directly allow the import of .rd5? Additionally, how would the details made in Unigine Editor work with MovieNX? I wasn’t able to find much information about this online

MovieNX can use .node files, the format Unigine Editor is writing by default. For all HD Scenarios, this is the way we did it. An alternative is using glTF files, which mey be created with any authoring tool. They can be used directly in MovieNX starting from CarMaker 12 onwards.
If you already have a road file, the workflow is simple. The support team can create a 3D surface based on the rd5 file. Contact them, its little effort (currently this conversion is in an experimental stage, therefore not available for the users directly). Starting from that surface (which may include also the terrain) you start modelling the environment in Unigine Editor which can use the exported surface. After finishing you just tell CarMaker to use that environment stored in a .node file. Done.