How to save an Ipg kinematics file as skc?

I am using IPG kinematics and I want to save it in terms of skc file to use it in IPG carmaker. How can I save it as SKC file. Other than this I am also unable to understand how should I input bushing in IPG kinematics.
Any advice on this will be very helpful.

Hi Sam,

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I can see that you are running the FS Package. As part of this package we provide a FCM_Tutorial that you can find under the folder FCM_Tutorial. This document is a quick start guide for FS teams and there is a section called “Getting Started with IPGKinematics”, which should help you to familiarise yourself with the IPG Kinematic tools. Including how to get the skc file output from IPG Kinematics.
To be able to output skc files, look into Simulation Control and select the appropiate option, according to what you want to output. For example CarMaker Interface (1)


You can find this information and more in the the Reference Manual of IPG KInematics (IPG KInematics GUI → Help → Reference Manual)

Thank you @jose.nevado . It was really helpful