How to Migrate the scenario from Modeldesk to IPG?

I have Created Scenario in Dspace Model Desk now I want to migrate this scenario into IPG Carmaker. How can I do this?

Hi Sairam,

at this point we dont have any conversion tool to migrate dSPACE scenario to IPG CM.

Deepak Dubey

what about openScenario and OpenDrive

OpenDRIVE is natively supported by CarMaker. You can directly import an OpenDRIVE file into CarMaker.

OpenSCENARIO is not natively supported, however we do provide a separate converter tool to translate from OpenSCENARIO to CarMaker TestRun. You can download this converter from the customer area of our website. It’s in the installation files section, CarMaker 12.0, Extras.

Is there any other tool other than Open Scenario & Open Drive where Scenario created can be migrated to IPG Carmaker ?

I am not aware of any other tool but that doesn’t mean to say one doesn’t exist. Maybe some others know of such a tool.

Can you not use OpenDRIVE and OpenSCENARIO? I assumed by the fact you asked about these, and we support them, that this would be your preferred strategy?