How to make an rd5 file composed of several segments into one segment file

Hi . I’m currently using CarMaker 9.1.1. I made a track using CarMaker Scenario editor and I put some elevations to it. But I think there is a problem in Scenario editor.

When connecting Turn and Straight, Clothoid and Straight, and Point List and Straight with high curvature, the elevation change of the track at the boundary changes rapidly. Because of such sections, the vehicle’s normal force changes rapidly, resulting in loss of tire grip.

To solve this, it seems that these boundary sections have to be removed. Is there a way to combine roads made of multiple segments with rd5 into one segment? Or Is there another way to solve this?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Ben,

You might like to check out the latest CarMaker 12 release. It includes updates for splitting and merging segments as well as automatic height profile smoothing, amongst many other things. You can find a summary of the new features at Software | IPG Automotive.