How to install the package- CMAPI

Hello All,

I want to retrieve the vehicle data using our Python module CMAPI. But I don’t know to install the package.

I also want to further set the co-simulation between SUMO and CarMaker using Python. But I have no idea whether CMAPI is cable of doing that. I checked the Python API section in the programmer’s guide
and I couldn’t find the information regarding the installation.


#Python #CMAPI #Co-simulation #Data retrieving

The information on the relatively new Python interface CMAPI can actually be found in two other separate documents, I’m afraid you won’t find much in the Programmer’s Guide.

In the Help menu, under Additional Documents you can find two separate guides. One of them provides information on the installation of the API. The other is a documentation of the actual API and all the classes and methods that are available through the interface.

Hii again,

I guess I have to update the version. I couldn’t find the installation-process in Python API reference and I don’t have other User’s guide.

I am using CarMaker 10.2.3 version.