How to define the factor of brake pedal (equivalent to deceleration) in terms of creating generic model of AEB?

Hello all,

I have created fuggy logic based generic AEB model to integrate in vehicle control via FMU plug in option.
The FMU plug in model works somehow if I do use Brake deceleration value from 0 to 1 in terms partial or full deceleration in the model because I connect my output to Vehicle Control Brake in order to activate AEB.
But I actually want something else, for example if I want to give input deceleration of -10 m/s^2 then in the output of Vehicle control brake it does not consider valid out (because it only consider value from 0 to 1).
So the question is … is there any way I can know that at what value or factor (from 0 to 1) sould I use equivalent to -10 m/s^2 deceleration in model? How to define it?
I am attaching the pictures of What I want and What I have now.

I tried to explain as easy as I possibly could, but still if you have more questions on it please ask anything more on it.

Thank you!


Perhaps you need a simple PI controller that compares the current vehicle deceleration to the target? Something simple, e.g. if you are decelerating at a rate under 10m/s2, apply the brake pedal at a greater value, if you are over 10m/s2, reduce the force on the brake pedal. The brake pedal pos would not be a direct input from the deceleration, but rather it would be derived from it.

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Thank you for the tipps, I will try to figure it now with PI controller as you are suggesting let see if it works.
Thanks and Regards!