How to create our own or modify the availble ADAS/active safety systems into the CarMaker?

I am currently using a car maker for the evalution of the ADAS or active safety system. it is true that some of the systems (e.g. AEB, LKS, ACC etc.) are avilable in IPG GUI. But what if we want to model our own AEB system and integrate in vehicle model for the evalution. is it even possible? and if it is how? Also is there any possibility that we can use two different sensor data set(e.g. Camera, Radar) such as sensor fusion for the one system(e.g. AEB) that we want to test?
If someone knows about it please help me out , how to do it?
Thank you!


The supplied models from IPG for longitudinal and lateral vehicle controls (AEB, LKS, ACC, etc) are pretty basic, and they are just examples. Customers usually use their own systems and logic that are significantly more complex.

The two most common ways of doing that are:

  • Through CarMaker4Simulink, you can integrate your own algorithm that takes data from the vehicle and its sensors, implements whatever logic you desire for these subsystems, and then provides the desired vehicle controls back to the CarMaker vehicle model.
  • Through our C-code plugin interface, you can do the same as above. It’s much quicker to execute, doesn’t require co-simulation with another product, but working with C is not that easy and doesn’t lend itself to rapid prototyping.

There are other ways, like using an FMU, or creating a model in Simulink but then compiling it with a CarMaker target. More information on that could be found in the CarMaker documentation.

Whatever way you choose, it is most certainly possible for your algorithm to take data from more (a lot more!) than one virtual sensor and fuse it together.



Thank you very much for your reply. For sure I will try to create a model in simulink and integrate with CarMaker and if I would get any further query I would definitely post here something. This is really helpful platform to share problems and to receive useful tips, assistance or solution. I loved it.:100:

Thank you once again!

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