How one shall be able to create scenarios with Dusty wind flowing?

I tried using Wind parameters seems that there is no impact on it

What are you trying to achive? Visualization? or some other effect?

Hello, Thanks for the Suggestion. I would like to verify the impact of camera confidence/Radar SNR/Signal strength during Dusty scenario or some low light situation

It appears that the enviromental conditions should already influence the noise levels of the Radar. In this case it seems that it is only for rain and fog, but you could use this parameters to find an equivalent value for a Dusty scenerio, based on the papers cited. Please take a look at ReferenceManual.pdf chapter 21.14.

I will suggest to just go try this out with one of our testRun examples, and see if it makes a difference in the signal coming from the Radar. Please make sure to share your results! That way other people can benefit from your expereince :wink: